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For As Chapter

Ɔdadeɛ North America Chapter, Inc. is a non-profit alumni organization of the Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School (PRESEC-Legon). PRESEC is a very prestigious all-boys senior high school in Ghana, West-Africa. The school currently holds a record of producing the most doctors in the nation, as well as the highest number leaders in government currently. With our global headquarters of the alumni association located Ghana under the abled leadership of Dr. Ernest Ofori-Sarpong (Global President) and Mrs. Patricia Obo-Nai (Vice President), the North America chapter reflects the successes of the school’s ability to produce world class graduates who are currently taking their places in the corridors of leadership, sciences, business, and the arts around the world.

This chapter models the spirit of excellence while fostering a strong community engagement in the locations which we have a presence. “Ɔdadeɛ ”, which signifies the Baobab tree based on the school’s first location and inception in 1938, is the name given to an alumnus of the school. The organization currently has an estimated of 1000+ alumni within the North America region alone (US and Canada). There are currently 6 regions within the chapter, with leadership over each region to oversee the progress, growth and execution of our Leadership’s vision, mission, and objectives.

Kofi Opoku

our Chapter History

After several attempts by multiple individuals who wanted to bring the alumni together as a wholistic organization, the dream was finally actualized on 3rd July 2016 under the leadership of Sir Samuel Addo (odade3 1976). 

His tremendous vision and efforts as the first North America Chapter President was crowned by the then Global President, Rev. Dr. Ebenezer Markwei who flew to the US to be a part of the memorable maiden event. Since then, the chapter has shown great strides in growing the alumni network base, while contributing to the developmental efforts of our alma-mater.

The iconic ultra-modern food court on the school campus to ensure healthier eating environs and enriched student campus experience is an example of the chapter’s immense continuous contributions to our school. (Visit Our Gallery for Pictures)

Our Vision

To foster a stronger sense of community among Ɔdadeɛs, while creating a mutually beneficial relationship among alumni, our alma mater, and the communities we serve.

The Mision

To become a world class and model of excellence, as we seek to reflect the highest ideals that all alumni organizations would want to emulate.


  1. Updating and growing our database of alumni, as we believe we have at least over 70% of our alumni in NA whom we are yet to connect with and attain their information in our system.
  2. Actively engaging and supporting the communities which we have a presence. 
  3. Networking and relationship building opportunities across disciplines and experiences that are beneficial to our members; and especially in this era, leveraging technology to do so.
  4. Reviving our regional leadership strategy by ensuring that we equip our newly assigned regional leaders with the resources, tools, and guidance to do their job well of connecting with odade3s in their region.
  5. building stronger ties and strategic collaborations with other alumni organizations while learning from each other.
  6. Exploring the possibility of an effective welfare program that could be beneficial to our members in the spirit of community and support for each other.
  7. Partnering with our global President and team on mentoring opportunities for current students at PRESEC

President's Suggestion Box

Please share any suggestions you have about how we can grow the Ɔdadeɛ North America Community