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Krobo Girls Demands ‘Compensation’ From Presec Boys For ‘Abandonment ‘; Accuses Aburi Girls Of ‘Husband Snatching’

Krobo Girls

Krobo Girls Demands ‘Compensation’ From Presec Boys For ‘Abandonment ‘; Accuses Aburi Girls Of ‘Husband Snatching’

Our marriage to Krobo Girls was an arranged marriage fueled by close proximity and interaction. (the two schools had joint service on Sundays). They were the type Presec boys liked; smart, intelligent, voluptuous, curvaceous & busty. For over three decades, we exchanged romantic notes and to throw off prying tutors, these notes were stacked under the famous Big Rock between the two schools for retrieval by Krobo Girls ladies.
Boys in love do strange things. We were in love and the mathematicians among us, even used Venn Diagrams in their letters.

In early 1968, word came to Krobo Girls that the relocation of Presec to new Legon site would be a reality in the Fall. Dismissively, they paid no heed. They never saw the implications of the relocation and if they did, had this mindset that Presec boys will stick to the only ladies they have known for decades. They were dead wrong. Sociologists posit that a man’s taste changes over time!!!( ibi so I hear oooo)

The things that attract boys to girls are many. When Presec boys set their eyes on the cute, innocent, dadaba bespectacled Aburi girls , they were mesmerized and swept off their feet. It was love at first sight.!!! Their enigmatic smiles alone killed us. Aburi ladies meeting Christian Gentlemen for the first time, were also overly excited. High volume of letters were exchanged; letters addressed to P. O. Box 98 Legon and P. O Box 46 Aburi were sorted out daily by postal workers. Presec boys subsequently forgot about their ‘LAIMOMO’ Krobo Girls. Completely. Out of sight, out of mind. Uncontrolled high testosterone levels were at work. So after any event in Presec where Aburi ladies were bussed, Presec boys gathered around the bus to see them off.

The case for ‘compensation’ by Krobo Girls is very simple; that relocation of Presec must not lead to abandonment and that long distance relationships have been proven to work. They further contend that Presec boys should have considered the “care, loyalty and romantic services spanning over three decades” before making another move. Krobo Girls started as Presbyterian Middle Girls School in 1927 and evolved into a Teacher Training College in the 50s and 60s before being made a Girls Secondary School in 1973. So if for nothing, Presec boys cannot abandon Big Sister for Aburi Girls that was founded in 1946. Regrettably, Romantic relationship is not about seniority. That’s a stark reality!!!

The African male is happy when two ladies ‘fight’ over him. It increases his stock value and sends a subtle message to other onlookers ladies that he has what ladies need. So when in 2018 in Maryland, a Krobo Old Girl after reading a fraternal message at an Odadee Reunion, ‘accosted’ an Aburi Girls lady, we looked on with glee!!!!

Not everyone bought this ‘gospel’ of Aburi Girls being our new lovers. Seniors Eddie Togbor, Darkwa Black Phyta, Ampofo, Armah Lao etc took matters into their own hands and explored St Marys’ and Accra Girls Schools. They received romantic letters from these schools which they held to their chest in Akro House Dorm D

Now Presec must get lawyers to represent her in alumni matrimonial court. If you were one such lawyer, how will you defend your school? Don’t tell me Presec must become polygamous.

Akro House 76-83

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